Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh My GOD, I Have Been So Glum. How Did You Stand It?

This is a situation where the blog post title kind of says everything I wanted to say.

Ah, who am I kidding?  Why use five words when five thousand will do?

Okay, fifty. Maybe five hundred. Aw, shit, maybe I'll hit five thousand.

Point is, I realized that I've been so WALLOWY. It was needed. But it's a new year, and I'm kind of done with that. (Kind of. I reserve the right to get mopey over old family pictures and such.)  I'm taking control. I'm quitting my job (I can afford not to work for a few months, courtesy of my inheritance), and I will focus on my family, and my house, and my writing.

I'm about 5,000 words into a new romantic comedy. I'm envisioning a novella. I think I could get it published. I'm online-workshopping-it and am getting good responses.... I AM EXCITED, PEOPLE! And this is a feeling that is foreign to me.

More, later...