Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the Clock Keeps Ticking

So, there's definitely only one babe occupying, um, me right now. And the sonogram tech thought that my due date is still pretty accurate, so we've put a pin in our calendar for November 14. I'm trying not to think of that as "the" day, but I'm a pretty deadline-oriented kinda gal, so it'll be tough in November 14 slides by with nary a contraction.

Ah well, she'll get here when she gets here. Judging by the amount of moving around that she does, though, I have to think that she's just aching for more space than my 5'2" frame can afford.

By the by, has anyone out there ever had a sonogram tech exclaim, "It looks like this baby has alot of hair!" I mean, who knew they could even see hair on a sonogram? I've only seen bones, cartilage, and internal organs. Nothing so ephemeral as hair! So now I get to wonder if she's got a cute thatch of fresh baby hair...or if she's got hypertrichosis. Since my family's devoid of carnies, I can assume the latter is out of the picture, but still..

Guess I'll find out in about 3 weeks!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

36 Weeks and Counting...

Today, Hubby and I are going to the Perinatal Center to take a peek at our little girly girl. It won't be a great opportunity for a sonogram picture because the poor friend is all kinds of squished at this stage of the game. That's not really the point of this visit, anyway. According to the doctor's prescription, the good folks who know how to work the sonogram machines are going to check and see if the baby's size matches up with my due date. If she's measuring larger than normal for 36 weeks, then they may move my due date up a bit. I've been consistently "measuring large" at my biweekly OB/GYN visits, so I'm not going to be all that shocked if they tell me I should really make sure that hospital bag is packed (don't worry, it is).

By the way, I've always measured large (ha ha) for my height. Still not something a girl needs to hear...

Regardless of which sonograms and bloodwork and other joyful medical tasks I need to accomplish (I'm not even going to TALK about Pregnancy.com's recommendation that I begin a regimen of perienum massage), I know I'm getting close to confinement in ye olde childbed. Why? 'Cause I had a dream that I had twins last night. Yikes. It's not at all possible since the other sonograms have show that there has been just one lonely baby inhabiting me lo these eight months. Still, though. A girl doesn't like surprises like that, even in the dreamscape.

I'll let you know if the last radiologist was just foolin' us last time when she confimed the one babe...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whoa, Shrinkage!

Shnikeys...I haven't posted since September 18th? It's not that I've been comatose, or sedentary, or catching up on TV (okay, well, I've been watching some TV since the 2006-2007 season kicked off). Just busy, I guess. Busy with stuff that is interesting mostly to me.

But I'm interesting to all y'all, right? Ipso facto, anything I do must also be interesting.

Don't worry, I'm just joshing you. I haven't gotten all bigheaded. Well, not in the figurative sense. (Have I mentioned that I had the 3rd largest girl's head in Parkville Senior High School's Class of '97? No? Well, file that factoid away).

Mostly, I've just been getting ready for the Second Coming. And by that, I mean the baby girl who is due to rock our worlds 'round about November 14th. We've got the requisite pink clothing, and the furniture we'll need is on order (or awaiting pick-up). This week, I'll pack the bag, send out some thank-yous for some lovely baby girl gifts my family and friends bestowed upon me and the babe, and maybe, if I can get my head around it, figure out how to start rearranging some of the Boy's paraphenalia to allow for necessary baby stuff on the main floor of the house.

See? I told you it was fascinating stuff.

Actually, the most interesting thing I've learned about pregnancy of late is that women's brains apparently shrink during the third trimester. A bold claim, some would say. An obnoxious, insulting claim, others might say. I say, "So that's why it takes me twice as long to figure out what to have for dinner." I came by this knowledge through a friend...she's the kind of friend you generally trust to share vetted info, but there's just enough doubt to make you want to look it up. All I've found so far to support this claim is this blog entry, but it references real publications, so I'm guessing the study in the article was really and truly performed.

I dunno...I kind of like having excuses for being a bit more fumbly lately in the synapse department, but I'd really like to reclaim the articulate person buried within my hormones. This is also the person who can spin an entertaining tale out of the mundane.

Ah well, the time is nigh. Anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from now...