Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the Clock Keeps Ticking

So, there's definitely only one babe occupying, um, me right now. And the sonogram tech thought that my due date is still pretty accurate, so we've put a pin in our calendar for November 14. I'm trying not to think of that as "the" day, but I'm a pretty deadline-oriented kinda gal, so it'll be tough in November 14 slides by with nary a contraction.

Ah well, she'll get here when she gets here. Judging by the amount of moving around that she does, though, I have to think that she's just aching for more space than my 5'2" frame can afford.

By the by, has anyone out there ever had a sonogram tech exclaim, "It looks like this baby has alot of hair!" I mean, who knew they could even see hair on a sonogram? I've only seen bones, cartilage, and internal organs. Nothing so ephemeral as hair! So now I get to wonder if she's got a cute thatch of fresh baby hair...or if she's got hypertrichosis. Since my family's devoid of carnies, I can assume the latter is out of the picture, but still..

Guess I'll find out in about 3 weeks!

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