Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'll Show You! Well, Maybe Not.

Oh for pity's sake!, as mon père would say. The Claymates are filing a complaint with the FTC against Clay Aiken's label, manager, et. al. for misrepresenting his personality. They feel duped? Criminy. You should buy music because you like the MUSIC, not because you think the singer is a delightful, virginal young man. I mean, I guess that can be a bonus, sure, but it shouldn't be the sole rationale behind picking up a disc.

What's next? Are we going to complain about other people who "duped" us? Let's go tack a frowny face on Rock Hudson's tombstone. And let's not forget Ashlee Simpson; I mean, I totally thought she could sing before the Saturday Night Live debacle. Ooh, maybe Britney Spears isn't a sparklingly straightlaced young woman; jot her name down on the list. You know, come to think of it, I'm not sure that the Hollywood glitterati are as beautiful and handsome as they appear to be on the silver and small screens. You know what? Let's place ALL of the entertainers the world over on the FTC list, just to be safe. That'll teach ENTERTAINERS, people who get PAID to help us SUSPEND DISBELIEF, to lie through omission. Yep, they'll sure change their ways.

Puh-leeze. I just think that the 9 folks who signed the complaint are big dummies because (a) they didn't realize that Clay isn't the asexual dude he was "marketed" to be, (b) it matters to them that he might (horrors!) be a non-celibate gay man, and (c) they compare this brouhaha to Enron. ENRON! The company that caused rolling blackouts in California which resulted in who knows how many deaths! The company that ripped off investors! The company that blew up the pensions of thousands of employees!

Think maybe these folks are being a wee dramatic?


Anonymous said...

Just in case you were wondering, nobody really cares abou Clay Aiken. Just go to eBay and take a look at all the Clay Aiken CD's that people are selling fo a penny. He's got some talent, granted, but I and most others couldn't care less what he does. And that goes double for that portly Ruben "Pass Me Another Sandwich" Studdard. Yes, your blog is boring, no we don't care....

Anonymous said...

You're painting all Clay fans with the same brush. I can assure you that Clay Nation as a whole thinks this lawsuit idea is ridiculous, and is more likely than not a hoax. Don't get sucked in!

MC Vaughan said...

Anonymous #1 -- I'm delighted that you don't care what Clay Aiken does in his personal life. You shouldn't. Congrats!

Anonymous #2 -- I didn't intend to paint all Clay fans with the same brush. Cripes, I picked up a CD for a friend for a Christmas gift, and I know she didn't sign the FTC complaint (there's no lawsuit, far as I know). I specifically reference the 9 folks who did, though, so I thought that clarified. Apologies if you felt I was casting stones at you.

Doncha love anonymous comments?

Myspace said...

This story is crap. This story is fake. Just a few of their blatant lies:

1. Clay has kept a "low profile" since this all started. Hmmm... granted, he hasn't found need to dignify this trash with an interview or even a soundbite, but what self-respecting human would? Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. However, if going out with friends to Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, lunches, concerts & dinners, vacationing in Europe, writing quite a few blogs on his fan club & posting numerous pictures, all while recording an album, filming a video, having fittings & photo shoots, working on his charitable foundation & visiting sick children in hospitals is "hiding" ... well, gee, what exactly is he supposed to be doing? Drinking, drugging & partying & calling the paparazzi every time he ventures out like Paris & Perez & their lowlife pals??

2. Other men have come forward claiming "relations" with Clay after meeting online? Names, please. The ONLY one who has ever come forward claiming "gay sex" (NE) is the famewhore, pornstar wannabe Paulus who presented a fanfic so ridiculous it bordered on psychotic. Rumor has it, "John Paulus" is not even his real name.

3. Clay's being sued by irate fans? Documentation, please. Easy enough to obtain with the Freedom Of Information Act. Why doesn't any media have it? Because it doesn't exist ... Surprise!

4. Spies say Clay was out with a "gorgeous girl on his arm"? Hardly. A gal mentioned in her personal blog to friends that she went to a murder mystery dinner theatre & a guy who looked like Clay only chubby was at a table with several women. Fans found it, decided it probably wasn't real because even the most recent photos of Clay at his fittings show him as skinny as ever, & forgot it. Next it shows up on a couple of gossip blogs & then travels to the Page 6 blurb above in all its fictional glory. Even if it was Clay & he was trying to beard, why on earth wouldn't he alert the media??? It doesn't do any good to go out surrounded by slobbering women if no one knows it happened. Unless of couse, the women are your new stylist, photographer & RCA rep & you just want to get to know each other a bit better via dinner & a little recreation, like most people do.

5. Clay performed a strip-tease on the internet? Hmmm... again ... a fat, headless torso & the only person who says it's you is Anonymous? I guess the Star's editor didn't see the National Enquirer's editor on "48 Hours" laughing as he spilled the beans that whenever an Anonymous source is quoted in a tabloid, you can bet the mortgage that the quotes were staff written. Unless maybe, the Star's editor IS the National Enquirer's editor. Hey, Alan Butterfield sure gets around, why not his boss?

The only Fact in the above Post "story" is that we can expect to see Clay escorting beautiful women in the future. I can guarantee you that there's a line stretching around the globe waiting for their chance to grab his arm - he won't have to look very hard. He's been out with pretty gals before this crap & he will be after; only difference is that he won't be needing to alert the paparazzi to prove a point or hide anything. You can take that to the bank.