Monday, July 06, 2009

What My Last 10 Facebook Comments Would Have Been If I Weren't a Total Chicken

  1. Irregardless isn't a word.
  2. Maybe you spell check your status update before you post?
  3. Things I Don't Think the World Needs to Know: that you're going to the gym, that you're going to work, that you're cooking dinner.
  4. Perhaps you should revisit using that belly dancing photo as your profile pic.
  5. I shouldn't know more about the non-functioning elevators in your office than I do about Uyghurs.
  6. It is probably not a good idea to post a countdown to your vacation. It's more effective to post a "Looters Welcome" sign on your front door.
  7. If you are my age and you are talking about your grandson, you really, really need to put more information in your bio. I'm too much of a lady to press you for details.
  8. Quoting a song every day ≠ telling me what's a-happenin' with you today. Just tells me that you've got quite a lot of lyrics memorized. Or a database of lyrics at the ready.

Humph. I only got to eight? Must mean I'm not as grumpy as I think I am.


Kate said...

Hah. I think I recognize a couple of mutual friends there.

Of course, #2 might be me, occasionally, so perhaps i should be less amused.

I have one friend, a person I normally like quite a bit, whose updates I had to take out of my news feed. It turns out that when she is on Facebook, *all she does is whine*. Also, her grammar and spelling are atrocious. I discovered that I was starting to dislike her.

MCV said...

Perhaps there are some mutual friends :) I'm all kinds of OK with the occasional spelling mishap. Who doesn't have those? But there's this one friend of mine who seriously spells at least one word incorrectly EVERY STATUS UPDATE. I'm beginning to think it's intentional. Ooh, and the negative thing? There's a distant family member who as an outrageous case of Glass Half Empty-itis. It really does make you see someone in a different light. Either way, I think I know what I'm sending her for Christmas:

Stuff You Need! said...

I think these sound more like gripes about Twitter. But then that's where Facebook is headed, I guess.