Wednesday, October 31, 2012


That's how I would describe my little family's experience with Hurricane Sandy.  There was much rain, howling wind, and the odd power flicker.  No leaks, no floods, no fried sump pump, no tree limbs crashing through our roof.

I'm not really broadcasting this, though, because others lost so much.  We were very lucky.  Yeah, we planned.  We had a gassed up generator, frozen blocks of Tupperware stuffed into the freezer should we lose power, meals we could slap together without delving into the fridge, and an extra gallon of milk.  I even rented a couple of movies on my iPad to keep the kids entertained.  This is the modern equivalent of being prepared for a disaster, right?  Mobile, battery-powered entertainment?

If we had done nothing to prepare, we still would've come out fine.  So, yeah.  Luck.

Mostly, Hurricane Sandy weekend was spent building forts in the living room, using the flameless candles as a 'campfire,' and otherwise hanging out and playing games.  I caught up on some picture uploading and paperwork.  Oh, and I baked three loaves of pumpkin bread because my husband carved gigantic pumpkins and I refuse to let edible goods go to waste.  Our greatest hardship during the past four days was a pouty lip from our eldest child when he realized that he would never see the six seconds of 'WWE RAW' that the DVR missed because of a brief cable outage.

These are not the events of which great tales are told, so I'll zip it up here.

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