Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big Boy Bed

My youngest child attempted the crib version of the Great Escape yesterday. Frankly, I'm surprised his nearly-three self didn't attempt this earlier.  But, as he is the Best Baby Ever, who has morphed into the Best Toddler Ever, he graciously stayed behind bars a little longer than my other two kids.

Once he knew he could vault over the side of his crib, we couldn't keep him locked up.  Other parents have differing opinions.  Such as the couple with whom we shared a waiting room when I was pregnant with my second child about six years ago.  The other mother noticed our then two-year-old son, who was playing with her two-year-old son.

"Has he tried to climb out of the crib yet?"

"No, thank goodness."

"Mine has. So I bought one of those tents that keep cats out. Except we don't have a cat. It's to keep him in."

And then she told me that my hair was really pretty and that we should be best friends.  Okay, fine, she didn't do that, but the creepy factor was there. And, I figured if a kid wants out of a crib, HE IS GETTING OUT OF THAT CRIB AND THE TENT WILL ONLY MAKE HIM ANGRY.

So, when Little Guy swung that leg over the rail, I knew it was time. I didn't want a jail break in the middle of the night.  There'd be sirens and dogs and floodlights and possibly a concussion, and really, who needs that?  So, off came the fourth wall (wink!) and his crib is now a toddler bed.  He happily snuggled into it, laid his head down on his dinosaur pillow, and tumbled into dreamland.

Of course, he did wake up about four times throughout the night.  But he stayed PUT, like a good lad.  No nocturnal wanderings, doorknob twisting, or any such shenanigans. We'll see what tonight brings.

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