Friday, January 25, 2008

Forays into Adulthood

I'm working from home today and I got a little peckish. Delighted to have a stove at my disposal, I opted to cook up a hot lunch. During my prep, I had a moment of clarity: I've officially gone to the grown-up side of nutrition. My lunch?:

  • Grilled cheese (Doesn't sound healthy, right? But I used whole wheat low-fat bread, fat-free not-really-cheese, and Smart Balance spread. Boo-yah!)
  • Baby carrots
  • V8 Fusion juice

Despite perceptions about healthier noshes, the sandwich was actually pretty tasty. I'm a little concerned that eating Frankenfoods will ultimately cause my genes to mutate. But if that mutation results in telekinesis, I'll be OK with it.

If you are familiar with my historic eating habits, you know that I would have mainlined cheese if such a thing were possible. But a scary cholesterol count once upon a time tarnished my love for all things dairy. After some effort to cut the fatty fat fat from my daily diet*, I'm hoping my next date with a needle will net better results. You know, something better than "Dear God, we've got to chisel out the artery plaque NOW!"

* I'll admit to cheating for special occasions like family visits or Flag Day.

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