Thursday, February 07, 2008

Really, eBay?

After 32 years of garbing myself, I have finally learned what fits me. (Okay, I've really only been doing it for the past 20 years because before then, everything was a hand-me-down and/or purchased for me). Me? I'm a petite. Not in every area, mind you, but definitely in the dimensions that relate to length. I am a stubby wonder.

So, the easiest place for me to shop is online. I don't have to go through masses and masses of beautiful things to end up in the dark corner of a department store, depressed that all the stuff looks like it's appropriate for tweens or grandmas. I like eBay, because I'm a cheapskate. But I think its definition of "petite" is a little broad. Observe what came up first in the search return:

Yeah. SO not what I need for the office.

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