Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Husband, the Encyclopedia of Pop Music

Last night, while watching 'Ringer' (stop judging), a commercial featuring Peter Frampton came on. My husband knows nearly nil about pop music, so I wanted to exploit this fact for my own entertainment...

Me (turning to Super Ninja): Can you name one song by Peter Frampton?

Super Ninja (narrowing his eyes, looking off in the distance): Something... like... Frampton comes alive?

Me: That was the name of the album. Can you name a song?

Super Ninja: Um...

Me: In the world of pop culture, that's like not being able to name an 'Indiana Jones' movie.

Super Ninja: Can you name one of his songs?

Me: 'Baby I Love Your Way'

Super Ninja: Okay, fine, but can you name another one of his songs?

Me: Sure, 'Show Me the Way.'

Super Ninja (trying to deflect to another topic): Who was in in 'The Monkees?' Was that Peter Tosh?

Me (horrified): No! Peter Tosh was a reggae star who was shot to death in his own home. You're thinking of Peter Tork.

Super Ninja: Oh, right. Peter Tork.

Me (beating my head against a coffee table until I pass out.)

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