Friday, February 24, 2012


No, not that kind of swirly. I wasn't bullied in school, nor do I have a fetish.

(Side note: BLECH, Urban Dictionary contributors. Also? I'm a convinced that every word on Urban Dictionary has some kind of perverted alternate definition.)

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Harry Potter may want to skip the next couple of paragraphs. I have found that you are proudly, vehemently anti-Harry Potter. I group you with the anti-Seinfeld, anti-Titanic, anti-Gone with the Wind people. This attitude spans generations!

Anyway, there's a scene in one of the Harry Potter books/movies where Hermione breaks down Cho Chang's fragile emotional state to Ron and Harry. See, Cho's crushing on Harry, but it's complicated because a few months earlier, her previous boyfriend, Edward Cullen, was murdered by Voldemort. (IF SHE'D ONLY KNOWN HE WAS IMMORTAL!) Wait, I'm mixing popular YA series. Sorry. We're lucky that Katniss Everdeen and Ender Wiggin didn't make an appearance.

Once Hermione oncludes an exhaustive list, Ron exclaims that no one can possibly feel all of those things concurrently.

Yeah? Well, welcome to my head. I am constantly mentally listing the things I want to do, haven't done, am feeling, wanting, needing...

What will we have for dinner tonight? I hope my Dad's doctor's appointment went OK. I should call him. Need to tidy the house before friends come over tomorrow. Are we coordinating enough activities and play dates for our kids? I miss my mother. I have to send this report out today. I turned off my flat iron, right?
I really need to find time to write this weekend, but I don't want to abandon my husband with the kids. Maybe I can stay up late tonight...

Does anyone else do this? And, it's not even like I give more weight to the more important stuff. "Are my weekend jeans clean" gets nearly equal attention as "I need to make sure the water bill got paid." Be STILL, unruly mind!

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