Sunday, March 04, 2012

PartEs [sic] that Don't End Up Well

There's a metric ton of infuriating news right now, much of which I have opinions about. Started writing a blog post about it, even. But, then I thought, "Why pepper everyone with thoughts and arguments that are much more eloquently and cogently made by people who are paid to do so?" Plus, I started getting bored about a paragraph in, which is just never a good sign for a blog entry.

So, instead, I bring you my son's first foray into serial cartooning:

The misspelling is on purpose; it adds some hipster flava.

Cartoon #1: Man Wets Himself at Party

Looks like Mr. Party Guy had a little too much punch and couldn't restrain his bladder. And it just happens to be party that has a spotlight, which is trained on him at this inopportune moment. Quelle situation gĂȘnante! And the hostess is trying to keep it together, forcing a smile to gloss over the situation. My favorite part? The pretzels that were dropped on the floor.

Cartoon #2: Groom Spills Communion Wine on Bride

Now we find ourselves in a church. We can trust that the reception will not end up well, though, because the groom's gone and spilled the communion wine on the bride. The pillowed rings go flying. And again, while the guests are aghast, the bride is smiling, keeping her cool.

Something tells me this kid is going to make a wad of dough someday.

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