Friday, April 21, 2006

Score One for the 'Burbs

One of the nice things about working in BaCo (my affectionate term for Baltimore County) is that a bus will stop at a crosswalk in the middle of a busy road to allow pedestrians to scoot across the lanes. And I'm talkin' about intersections with no crossing signal, no light, no nothin' except the diagonally striped safety zone.

In DC, I think a bus will actually aim for pedestrians, daring the fragile meatbags to enter into a ten-stone versus six-ton game of chicken. Guess who begs off first?

Like I said, it's nice for a public service vehicle to follow the rules of the road.


E :) said...

I think I must have a red target painted on me somewhere... Those bus drivers love to start up just as I'm crossing in front of them (especially the buses near Eastern Market!!!!).

Dennis! said...

I also hate how buses here in DC (I can't speak to anywhere else) tend not to notice that they're, oh, three times longer than a standard compact car, and thus end up blocking the box at least as much as other drivers do. I agree that public service vehicles -- particularly very long ones -- should be held to a higher standard of adhering to traffic rules.