Monday, July 24, 2006

Petite vs. Women's

So, why is it that the "unusually sized" women's apparel is grouped together in remote corners of department stores? Sure, it makes sense that the first thing you see are the clothes for women who range from 5'4" to 5'8" and wear sizes 4 to 14 -- if you're trying lure people in to take a gander at your wares, you want to cast a wide net. I just found it odd that when I was foraging for appropriate wedding dresses over the past couple of weeks (the kind that would show that I was pregnant, not just putting on a few pounds) I had to duck into shadowy areas of the store. To a shop, it pretty much went: average, petite, "women's," maternity, and then, oddly enough, junior miss. I don't see the logic here, either in arrangement of size or age. It'd make more sense to me if they organized everything on a graduated scale, kind of like paint samples. Maybe they think they're helping us avoid confusion? Though, I gotta say, I'm not likely to pick up a belly shirt with the word "Heartbreaker" stamped across the front just 'cause it's close to the petites.

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