Friday, March 09, 2007

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

HA HA HA HA HA! Okay, you'll think I'm a Luddite because I just now, this very evening, downloaded iTunes onto my laptop. What? I don't own an iPod, so it's not like having iTunes was as necessary as breathing or anything. But I've been hearing samples of some really excellent music lately on a local "we're so very, very hip" college station, and it's totally whetted my appetite for new grooves. I'm talkin' Amy Winehouse, the Gossip, Regina Spektor, etc. And how much does it rock that these are all chicks (or are bands fronted by chicks)?

Anyway I can't justify dropping $15 on a CD that will likely contain two tunes that I want, so iTunes in all of its selective glory seems like it would fit my consumer needs. After I downloaded and installed the hub of all things iTunes, the program offered to seek out and organize existing muzak on my machine. I forgot that I'd loaded some tracks from some random mix discs that I have. Ah, the days of yore when ripping one's own CDs was an art form...

I set the iTunes to Party Shuffle, 'cause I like to party, and THIS treasure bleated from my 'puter speakers:

I LOVE this song. Not because I actually dig the tune all that much, but it epitomizes the silly angst of the '80's. It's sick how much this amuses me. I don't know that I've ever been so overwrought that the only solution was to dance, to dance my little heart out, and allow my pain egress through tears.

I really, really do love the '80's. VH1 better give me a call soon, yo.

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