Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting There Is Half the Fun

It's always interesting to see how my tens of readers get to Ye Olde Blog. There are some mysterios out there who get to LtW just by typing in the blog's url, which means (gasp!) some of you INTEND to come to this page. I humbly thank you. And I especially humbly thank you for not commenting on the numerous grammatical and spelling errors. Blogger's spell check is not all that it's cracked up to be. Then again, if I didn't insist on crafting my own snarky slang, it might catch more of the errors. Ah well.

Anyway, a few of the search terms made me laugh, so I thought you'd enjoy seeing them too. Does this mean that my own life is not producing blog-worthy events? Bite your tongue! Or, your brain if you didn't actually give voice to the thought. There's stuff aplenty happening in my life. Like, um, work. And new recipes. And laundry. The tales I could tell about laundry ALONE would inspire you.


1.) College student narcissism
My Gen X heart and former university-working-schlub self cackles with glee that someone else is researching (i.e., googling) college student narcissism. Whoo-hoo, I'm not the only person who's all kinds of cranky-pants about Gen Y!

2.) Multi-stall bathrooms
Man, you do one post on toilet paper dispensers, and you're branded.

3.) Why do we need to clean
Good luck arguing the other side, Monsier-I-Need-Evidence-that-I-Don't-Need-to-Scrub-the-Toilet.

4.) Ridges in fingernails toddler
Nothing to make fun of here, though I would think that if you are researching info on your kid, you'd consult a pediatrician or WebMD or something.

5.) Female loving authority
This person really, really came to the wrong spot. Hopefully s/he enjoyed the Wonder Woman post.

6.) Words that start with m.
Holy Generalizations Batman! How did this person select LtW from the avalanche of weblinks that Google returned?

7.) Met-art site:blogspot.com
Sheesh, I thought I was pretty G-rated, but the R-rated material occasionally sneaks over the transom. And by "sneaks," I mean, "I wrote it and put it out there." Once upon a time I submitted LtW to a blog search engine, and then I realized that this blog search engine specialized in adult websites. I thought this was kinda funny, so I blogged about it. And now people get to my site because of links from that post. At first I thought this search term was about THE Met, as in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But it's not. (Do you like my shady attempt to class up LtW by mentioning the Met? Art! Culture! Opera! Theater! Now let's see who wends his way toward my ramblings...)

8.) Why doesn't anyone remember
What? Someone expected this phrase to bear web fruit?

9.) Henna hair
Again, disappointment must've abounded when someone hit my page and I have exactly ONE sentence that references henna.

And that's pretty much all I've got to say about that. Next up: my enjoyment of the ads that Google AdSense deems a good fit for my blog. Today's ads: Blair.com and the new Justice League Unlimited DVD. Hubby would be so proud...

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