Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Working vs. Stay-at-Home

Oh dear. The Mommy Wars are flaring up again. Articles like this have sparked books like this. Maybe it's my Democratic soul, but every woman needs to come to her own conclusions about how to combine (or not combine) work and children. It's not a decision based solely on finances, emotional fulfillment, obligation, independence, ambition, etc. It's a rich and complicated tapestry of all of these things, and then some. So can we please just say every woman, every parent, needs to make this choice for herself, and that we will respect that choice, whatever it might be? Sheesh.

Ya just gotta do what makes the most sense for your family, and only you know what that is. And these articles and books that prescribe the choice? I think they undergird the insecurities of the authors, and assume that mothers that make a different choice would see their point if they just thought about it a little more. Yeah, that's right, 'cause my decision was capricious.

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