Friday, April 20, 2007

Yep. Livable.

Today I made a lunch run for the border. No, I really did! The closest Taco Bell i s just over the Prince George's/Montgomery County line. My part of Laurel is at the nexus of Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. Anyway, on my way back into Prince George's, I saw a sign with this message:

"Welcome to Prince George's County, a livable community."

That's it? Just livable? No qualifier, like extremely livable? Or exceptionally livable? Heck, I'd even take very. I mean, isn't "livable" the very least a community should be? Way to set the bar high, Prince George's. I mean, we wouldn't want to oversell the county or anything.


Anonymous said...

I worked there for a year and can say that livable is a claim that could be disputed.

D. C. Russell said...

Looking at the growing murder rate, it may be more accurate to call Gory Prince George's a "Deathable Community."

MCV said...

Just wanted to point out that I love living in Laurel. The point of the post was that I think that Laurel is *more* than livable. I can't say that all of P.G. County is a delight, on account of my regularly watching the news.

Everett W. said...

I'm in Prince George's County and well, still alive, so I can't sue for false advertising at least.

thecourtyard said...

Down here in College Park, most kids at UMCP think those signs are the biggest jokes ever, but I really don't understand why. Prince George's County isn't a bad place to live. Surely, there's a lot of room for improvement, but it has a right to call itself a "livable community," for whatever those sixteen letters are worth.

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