Friday, May 25, 2007

Lemme Serve Ya Up Some Random

1) I had an overwhelming urge for carrot cake a couple of days ago, so I zipped over to the neighborhood bakery. There was something I hadn't noticed about the "Pick Up Your Order Here" was handwritten...on a needlepoint canvas. Just weird, you know? If you're not going to poke a few stitches into the canvas, why use the canvas? Why not just make a regular old sign?

2) Today was my sister's college graduation. There was a fella sitting in front of us who made me ache for my Grandpop. He wore suspenders and a plaid short sleeve shirt, which was GP's uniform. He also wore a belt, which made me think he was taking no chances with gravity.

3) I think as you get older, you start pluralizing and possessivizing stores and restaurants unnecessarily. It's Nordstrom, not Nordstrom's. It's Barnes & Noble, not Barnes & Noble's. Taco Bell, not Taco Bells.

4) There must be an opiate in baby shampoos and lotions. After bathing my little 'uns, I can't stop breathing in their heavenly scent. I actually used Huggies Shea Butter Baby Wash the other day. Know what? I loved it.

5) I'm thisclose to bribing my almost 3-year-old to use the potty. I'm serious. I'm talking cold hard cash. Or Wiggles paraphernalia. He tells us he's just "too busy" to try sitting on the potty. But he's not too busy to announce the need for a diaper change...

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