Monday, June 20, 2011

Gratitude #36: Little Guy and I Have Our Own Thing

Little Guy is 17 months old(ish). He is full of dimples, sparkly eyes, teeth, and mischief. So, basically, he has met my criteria for Wonderful Child.

Also classifying him as a Wonderful Child? He also has wicked tantrums when he doesn't get his way (stay with me, here). Nine times out of ten, 'not getting his way' means that we have just taken his empty sippy cup away so we can fill it with more milk. He does NOT trust us that we will give it back. What's that about?

Here's why, even in a tantrum state, he is wonderful. He doesn't do that scary headbanging, flailing stuff. His is what I would call a "civil disobedience" style tantrum. He very gently, carefully, lies down, and cries. That's it.

Anyway! This post is about how he and I have a thing. Before they were verbal, I am convinced that our children thought (or, in Little Guy's case, think) of us as Milk Lady and Diaper Man. He has a few words in his vocabulary (ball, wow, uh-oh, Wiggle, this, Bob), but NONE of them is 'Mama' or 'Dada.' I know that he knows who we are. He runs to us when he's hurt, or when he needs something, and he squeals in delight when we walk through the door. Since he doesn't call us by different names, though, I'm not convinced that he really distinguishes between the two of us. We are there to serve him, people! He doesn't have time to be concerned with individualism.

Here's the thing, though: whenever I change his diaper, I play with his feet. There's a song my mother taught me that I sing to him that seems to catch his attention so that he doesn't try to wriggle away from me and smear poo all over his room. I usually finish by smooching his baby feet, and maybe (most likely) tickling him. Now, whenever I change his diaper or his clothes, he always shoots one foot up at me, prompting a smooch or a tickle. I just found that he doesn't do this to Super Ninja. So, look at that! We have a thing.

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