Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gratitude #38: Friends, New and Old

One's silver and the other's gold, right? Saturday was chock full of milestone events for folks near and dear to me, and I couldn't make them all. I showed up for two of them, and that was only made possible by some very good, very dear friends.

The first event was a baby shower for a college roommate, and I carpooled with one of our other former roommates, gabbing* for many hours to and from. The second event was a wedding , and my travelling partner tag-teamed with Best Friend to watch my three babes while I slathered on some makeup and hopped into some heels. Super Ninja was in the wedding, so he hightailed it out of there before anyone could spill milk on his tux, leaving me to run down the bedtime to-do list with my pal. Why friends and not a babysitter, since we got the invitation two months ago and probably could have pinned that down earlier? We DID. I am the WORST procrastinator, but we actually called our usual sitter many moons ago, and she said she was free. And then SHE forgot.

So, I am not a ninny. What I am, though, is blessed with friends who say, "Hey, sure, I can watch the kids. I'll just leave a picnic thing early. No big deal." I am grateful for that, and I am grateful that I leave near all of these willing-to-be-Plan B kinda people.

*I'm sorry. I made a promise to myself never to use words popular with 1950's housewives, yet there it is. The exceptions to this rule were supposed to be awesome cocktail names. But I went and ruined all of that.

(from Saturday, June 18)

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