Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You Ready for the Summer? Are you Ready for the Good Times?

Yesterday was the first day of summer camp for the Boy and the Girl.  Little Guy remains snuggled into his in-home daycare situation, though I'm sure he would be thrilled to splash around in the muddy creek on the campgrounds.  But the starting age is five, so he's out of luck.

Anyway, when my husband picked them up from camp yesterday, the Girl announced, "I think I'm going to love it here!"  The Boy, eyes downcast, lip trembling, mumbled, "Today was the worst day of my life."

And so it goes with these two.

I understood the Boy's doldrums, though:
  1. Four of his friends are signed up for the same camp, but none of them were there yesterday.  Unfortunate coincidence.
  2. Yesterday was indoor-swim day. The Boy does not like to be required to do something.  He prefers to feel that he has a choice in the matter.  I, of course, ignore this and steamroll him often.  Which probably doesn't help things, but hey, you don't always get to pick your activity, you know?  Anyway, they told him he had to swim, and then, because he's one of the youngest in his group, he had to where a life vest.  This doubled-down on his displeasure.
  3. It rained yesterday.  Not buckets, but enough to turn the fields into a squelchy mess.  Rain = no fun in the sun.
Today was a little better, though, so p'raps by the end of the week, he'll happily bolt from the car.

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