Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Would you look at that year?  Just look at it.  That's such a science fiction year.

Side note...

My Dad was born during the golden age of sci-fi.  He was eight -- EIGHT -- when Action Comics #1 was published.  So, it's little wonder that he's such a nerd for aliens, superpowers, space travel, and the like. My husband, who has no such excuse for his deep and abiding love of all things sci-fi, is actually kind of jealous that my father witnessed the genesis of this slice of pop culture.

One day, he asked, "Is there anything that hasn't happened that you thought would've happened by now?"

My father thought about it for a full minute, and replied, "Well, I really thought we'd have flying cars by now."

Resuming post...

Anyway, this is the time of year when people examine their lives and use the clean slate of the new year to start fresh. If the New Year's Eve busy-ness of my local Y was any indication, some folks got a jump on their exercise resolution.

Me? I've eschewed resolutions for the past couple of years. You can't nag anyone -- even yourself -- into change. The desire to be different strikes, and you succumb to it. You want to change, and you do. That's the magic formula. And by 'magic,' I mean, 'incredibly mundane.'

When I alter my way of being/doing/thinking, it's always a watershed moment. I mean, I may have been building up to it over time. But then I think, "Yeah, I'm going to be this way now." And I am. Cold turkey.  It even has a very specific feel to it, like some one spun the wheel on an airlock in my brain. Once the lock has thunked into place, the deal is done.

These decisions aren't tethered to January 1.  Why limit yourself like that? That said, I do have something I'd like to do with my 2013: I want to re-commit to writing. I still futz with it (obviously). But I'm angling for an actual publication credit this year. Not something I produced myself. I mean, I like being a Jill-of-all-trades, but a girl wants some outside validation once in awhile.

I'll add more things to my list of goals for this year (How sexy am I?  I HAVE A GOAL LIST!). For right now, though, I'm sticking to this one.


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