Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bleeding Purple

I've been perusing my blog archives like the good narcissist that I am, and I realize that there is just so much of my life that I leave out of these pages. I think it's because I don't want to offend people, or tip my hand too far forward and reveal more about my friends and family than they might like.

Seriously, though, it looks like all I do is hang out with my kids, go to church, and go to work.  And, while all of that is true, there is a healthy social life that I've got going as well. Ish. Ish only because I've got a three-year-old, a six-year-old, and an eight-year-old. there is only so much grown-up* interaction you get when you are shepherding three little ones through life.

But I do get out. And do stuff.  Stuff that *might* even be interesting to others.

Last night I went to bingo.  Okay, fine, you might not think that this is a weak argument for 'doing interesting stuff.' So, there I am, bingo marker in hand, a speck of black flotsam in a sea of purple. Why all the purple?  Because, my friends, the Ravens vs. Broncos game just so happened to have fallen on the same night.  Oops.  The school/church fundraiser folks respected local loyalties, though, and projected  the game on a screen in the corner.

Throughout the night, there were be small gasps and cheers, and it was tough to discern whether it was a big moment in football, or if someone cried, "Bingo!" Or, in Baltimore-ease, "Bing-geaux!"

There was no mistaking what went down in the last minute of the fourth quarter, though.  Did you see that game? DID YOU SEE THAT GAME? Now, I am admittedly slightly better than a fair weather fan. Normally, the game would just be on in the background while I was doing something productive, like dusting.  Watching it with a group of people to whom each catch, each turnover, each touchdown really meant something...

It was totally fun. It was communal. Everybody wanted the same thing, hoped for the same thing. It is so very rare that in today's society we are able to indulge in that unity, that sameness. I savored it. No one in that bingo hall wanted another perspective, or cared about the Broncos' hurt feelings. Nope. We were cheering the team from Baltimore, and that's all that mattered.

I was glad to be in that hall, with those two hundred people, wearing all of that purple. Even if I didn't win any of the twenty games of bingo, and was shushed by a lady with painted-on eyebrows.

Also? I had a lovely time catching up with one of my sisters-in-law, with whom I have not spent a great deal of one-on-one time of late.  She is my guru when it comes to raising an, ahem, 'spirited' girl-child, and I gleaned some much needed perspective of some of the Girl's modus operandi.

Oop. Tangent.  For another day, my friends!

*I use 'grown-up' instead of 'adult' because 'adult' seems to have such porny connotations these days.

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