Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dancing with the Stars...and at Weddings

(image courtesy of BBC America)

In her entertainment report this morning, Diane shared that Heather Mills soon-to-be-ex-McCartney will be one of the contestants on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. You may have some pretty pejorative opinions of her based on tabloid reports of her nascent divorce from Sir Paul. But I commend her decision to compete on a dance show since she'll demonstrate that an amputee can lead an active lifestyle. Of course, she'll get voted off right quick by Team Paul (i.e., the United States), so she won't really have the opportunity to break down any barriers. Ah well. response to the morning show chatter about Mrs. McCartney, "Rebecca" called in to share some anecdotes from her own experience as an amputee (when she was nineteen, her legs were crushed in a car accident and she lost both of them below the knee). One of the most sobering things Rebecca shared is that attaching her prosthetics is freshly painful every day. Yikes. Rebecca added that, because of the pain, she didn't wear the prosthetics for the first year and a half after the accident. Instead, she chose to get around via wheelchair. But when her sister got engaged, Rebecca knew that she didn't want to be Bridesmaid in a Wheelchair. So she got off her duff (literally) and learned to walk on the prosthetics.

Touching story, eh? All I can think about, though, is Rebecca's sister on her Big Day. Who do you think got more attention? The bride? Or her 21-year-old sister/bridesmaid whose legs were crushed and subsequently amputated, necessitating a painful recovery in order to trot down the aisle? I'm going to put cash money on the latter.

All warm-blooded animals will (and should) go all gooey for this triumph of the human spirit. But, (if you are a woman) admit it: a teeny part of you doesn't want to be upstaged on the day of your nuptials. I mean, why else would we wear shiny white (or in my case, ivory, since white enhances my Irish translucency) and typically dress our bridesmaids in bland uniforms?

Hmmm...I will burn a little bit for that thought, won't I?

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