Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doesn't Anyone Remember Sinead O'Connor?

Woe to me that Blogger doesn't allow all the fun Gaelic accents on Ms. O'Connor's given name. But anyway...

Cheese and crackers, from all the press you'd think that Britney Spears had gotten prosthetically altered and tatted up like the Enigma instead of shaving her head and getting two of the girliest sounding tattoos of all time. I'm not a ninny; I get why this makes the news. She's been loudly self-destructing for about three years now...quickie marriage in Vegas followed by a quickie anullment (Jan 2004)...hooking up with a dancer with a pregnant girlfriend (Spring/Summer 2004)...marrying said dancer rather quickly (Sept 2004)...birthing first issue from the marriage, Sean Preston (Oct 2005)...all kinds of flack for insufficent childcare skills (Spring/Summer 2006)...birthing second issue from the marriage a year later, Jayden James (October 2006)...breaking up with dancer and beginning divorce proceedings (Nov 2006)...running around to party after party after party, vomiting, passing out, and flashing her hoo-ha on many occasions (Winter 2006/2007).

That's the detailed way of saying, "The press has lots of fodder for declaring that Little Spears Lost has hit rock bottom." But what is that actually prompts those headlines?

A shaved head. A freakin' shaved head. Not running through relationships like toilet paper, not crying in public on several occasions, not becoming BFFs with celebutards, not the rumors about drugs and alcohol.

Nope. A shaved head is our black-and-white proof. And we think our society places too much emphasis on physical beauty.

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