Friday, July 06, 2007

Like a Bull in a Nursery

Well, it finally happened. The Boy broke his first lamp yesterday. I knew it was right around the corner, because he's been really into this crazy show called "LazyTown." It's a mix of "Spitting Image" and the Olympic men's gymnastics competition. The Boy was channeling Sportacus (the tumbling maniac who stars in the show), and executed a perfect somersault into a plastic set of drawers in the Girl's nursery. A little white lamp lived atop those drawers, and alas, it did not survive the wrecking ball known as the Boy.

As soon as it happened, memories of that unfortunate stick ball-in-the-living-room incident surfaced. That little game 'twixt me and Little Bro cost my parents a pristine mirrored knick-knack shelf. We weren't that much older than the Boy when that happened, so I knew that Bustin' Up the Joint Era was coming soon. Guess I just hoped the Boy would take out more of Hubby's stuff than general household stuff.

Time to surf the web for cheap, unbreakable lamps!

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