Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Reliving a Teeny Portion of My Youth

Last night, Bestie and I went to see the last show of Erasure's tour in support of their latest album, "Nightbird." It was a lot of fun to go see an actual performance instead of these nerds who get up there and think it's your privilege to witness their songsmithing, not their privilege to put on a show for paying fans. It's a shame that this was their very last show, 'cause I'd recommend that you catch the spectacle. Inflatable trees, angel wings, black back-up singers in lamé Marilyn Monroe dress á la "Some Like It Hot" -- yep, definitely a spectacle. And Andy Bell has some cajones, man. One of his costume changes resulted in his appearance on stage in rhinestone speedos and ankle boots (bear in mind that the audience was about 75% gay men who, I think, can be the harshest critics in the world). But he made it work, even if he was reminiscent of the dancing baby.

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Anonymous said...

Heyyyy... you write pretty well! I'm going to read this page every day. And recommend it to friends. And... WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BUGS IN THIS BASEMENT???