Monday, June 13, 2005

Rules of Engagement

Last night at the weekly congregation of my ginourmas family, my younger brother announced that he and his girlfriend of a year are getting married. It is the smartest thing he's ever done. She's a really great girl and isn't intimidated by the twenty-one members of the immediate family, which says something about her fortitude.

I'm very happy for them, and am trying hard not to overwhelm them with bits of information about planning a wedding. Even though mine was more than five years ago, I somehow feel like the experience is relevant.

For the longest time I thought it would be weird when my little brother became engaged. I haven't had to think about it a lot, though, because his fiancee (hee!) is the first woman I could see him marrying. isn't weird. At all. It's just a happy thing. Weird, huh?

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