Thursday, August 02, 2007

Her Name Is Rio and She Dances on the...Donation Pile

On my way from my front stoop to the Family Truckster this morning, I stumbled past a pile of garbage bags and sundry other objects in front of my neighbor's yard. Today isn't a trash day, though, so I took a closer look. Taped to one of the Heftys and two of the vacuum cleaners (yep, two) were notes that read, "Purple Heart." Oh, gotcha. Donations.

Something still didn't make sense, though...there were some framed lithographs in that heap. Since I came of age in the 1980's, I recognized the oeuvre of Patrick Nagel straightaway. I don't mean to stereotype, but...really? Patrick Nagel? For veterans? What's a veteran going to do with this:

Or this?
Even if Purple Heart merely sells the items and donates the proceeds to veterans, I still wonder if this 20-year-old fad is really going to bring home the bacon.
[UPDATE: Purple Heart didn't take the Nagel prints! They took everything else and left the Nagel to fester on the sidewalk. Ha! Charity organizations have standards, thank you very much.]

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